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Lixdea Limited (SIMREVO)

SIMREVO.COM was established by Lixdea Limited in 2012, is an internet web planning project which provides prepaid sim cards for 101 countries in the world.
The core value of Lixdea to create the project is to create a boundless communication around the world, through our Lixdea’s professionalism and tireless efforts to make the public at the time
of travel can easily access to internet services without paying high cost and bills after travelling.
Simrevo services are designed to let the public at the time of travel without specifically going to local telecommunications providers and avoid the problem of language
barrier without going through the complicated process of applying for a SIM card and registration in the overseas countries. Lixdea (SIMREVO) Prepaid sim cards can be directly purchased
in advance in respect of different countries via our website. Use of sim cards are simple, easy and user friendly that are highly welcome by most of our customers
throughout the world. In addition, the project serves the small and medium enterprises, providing one-stop use of mobile Internet services overseas.

SIMREVO.COM成立於2012年,是Lixdea Limited的一個網絡規劃項目,該項目為客戶提供101個國家的預繳SIM卡。

Lixdea Limited建立SIMREVO的核心價值是為世界各地建立無邊的溝通。通過Lixdea人員的專業水平和不懈努力,使大眾在任何時候去旅行都可以輕鬆地使用互聯網服務,而無需於旅行後支付較昂貴的賬單。